Fruit Cocktail Sa Malamig

Filipino Style Recipe: fruit cocktail “sa malamig” or fruit salad drink is another refreshing beverage and usually serve during afternoon or summer season. This drink is inspired to fruit salad dessert and commonly sold along the street. It is consists of condensed milk, fruit cocktail and other fruits then stir with lots of ice cubes.

Estimated time of preparation: 10 minutes

1 can(800grams) fruit cocktail, reserve the juice
1 can(150ml) condensed milk
2 cups red gelatin, diced
ice cubes
2 cups tapioca pearls, (optional)
8-10 pieces strawberry, diced(optional)
1 small melon, shred meat(optional)

1. In a pitcher, combine all the ingredients.
2. Stir in lots of ice then let stand for a while until some ice is melted.
3. Don’t put too much water or it will dilute the taste of the drink.
4. Pour in tall glasses then serve chilled.



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