Spaghetti Aglio Olio

Filipino Style Recipe: Spaghetti aglio olio or spaghetti pasta with garlic and oil is a traditional Italian dish. This dish is made of sauteed garlic in olive oil then toss in spaghetti pasta. Sometimes we add chili flakes, clams and basil to contribute an extra-ordinary taste. Aglio olio is usually serve as meryenda(mid-afternoon snack) or in any special occasion.

Estimated time of preparation: 10 minutes
Estimated time of cooking: 6-8 minutes
Good for 3-4 persons

400 grams spaghetti pasta
1/4 cup olive oil
8 cloves garlic, peeled and chopped
750 grams clams or shrimps(peeled and deveined)
1/4 teaspoon dried chili flakes(optional)
1/4 cup white wine
10 leaves basil, chopped
salt and pepper to taste
grated Parmesan cheese

Part 1
1. In a large pot, prepare pasta based on cooking instructions. Drain and set aside.

Part 2
1. In a pan, heat 1 tablespoon olive oil then saute garlic, chili flakes until light brown.
2. Add clams and cover and cook until shells open then season with salt and pepper.
3. Add white wine and simmer for 2-3 minutes or until sauce reduce in half.
4. Add remaining olive oil, pasta and basil then toss until coat evenly.
5. Transfer to serving plate, top with grated cheese and garnish with basil leaves. Serve.



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