About FSR

I started Filipino Style Recipe in August 2011 when I found out my interest in cooking. I’m a Computer Science graduate whose devotion is to develop applications to help work easier. Web application is one of my expertise were everyone can share and access information. Since I have this experience, I used it and found that blogging is one of the good tools for sharing information.

I used to be a hobbyist and amateur photographer when I bought my first DSLR camera in 2010. I joined in photography group where most of the members are beginners like me. We shared ideas and knowledge based on our own experience. We attend some seminars and photo shoots to enhance our ability and to establish some friends as well. I bought some gadgets to support my curiosity especially in food photography.

I am neither a cook nor a chef and I don’t have any culinary related studies but I found out my interest in cooking when my Mom prepared some dishes for dinner. I really love her dishes because it was tasty, so I was curious and asked her on how she cooked. So I prepared the food the next day while she guided me and the result was not bad because they love the taste. It boosts my interest, so I initiate to be her apprentice. I also asked my relatives and friends about their ideas in cooking. I also do some research, read cook books and articles to enhance my ideas in cooking with Filipino style.

I am an OFW(Overseas Filipino Worker) since 2009 and it is not easy to work abroad faraway from my family. So I always treasure everything that reminds me of Filipino culture specially the food. As an OFW, we really missed the Filipino taste so I created this website to share with them my collection of recipes that inspired Filipino culture. FSR is a collection of local and foreign recipes that have been modified to suit Filipino taste. Some of the recipes are from my wife, relatives and friends who supported me in my passion. I also encourage my viewers and followers to share your own recipes.

If you want to share your own recipes, feel free to send it to icontactfsr(at)gmail(dot)com. Make sure that your recipe is original and has a Filipino culture. Please support FSR:

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