MangoTortilla Rolls

Filipino Style Recipe: Mango tortilla rolls is another simple and easy Filipino meryenda(mid-afternoon snack). Mango Tortilla rolls is made of tortilla bread filled with ripe mangoes, carrots, cucumber and mayonnaise.

Estimated time of preparation: 30 minutes
Good for 10 pieces

10 pieces tortillas
1 carrot, cut into strips
1 cucumber, cut into strips with skin intact
2 pieces ripe mangoes, cut into strips
3/4 cup mayonnaise

1. In a hot dry pan, heat tortilla for a few seconds then place in a flat surface.
2. Arrange 3-4 pieces each of cucumber, carrot, mango and fill with mayonnaise then roll.
3. Repeat the procedures for remaining pieces.
4. Cut into serving pieces before serve.