Leche Flan Recipe

Filipino Style Recipe: How To Make Filipino Leche Flan Dessert? Leche Flan is made with condensed milk and more egg yolks. This dessert is usually steamed or rarely baked. It also called milk flan which is a heavier version of the Spanish flan or creme caramel.

Estimated time of preparation and cooking: 60 minutes. Good for 4- 5 llanera aluminum molds.

10 egg yolks(pula ng itlog)
1 can(390 grams) evaporated milk
1 can(390 grams) condensed milk
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
1 cup brown sugar
3/4 cup water

4-5 Llanera aluminum molds

Part 1
1. In a sauce pan, dissolve brown sugar and water over low heat until color turns to pale brown.(do not stir just swirl the pan gently)
2. Pour the syrup in the aluminum molds, spread the caramel on the bottom of the molds.

Part 2
3. In a mixing bowl, combine the egg yolks, condensed milk, evaporated milk and vanilla. Use whisk to mix gently, prevent bubbles from forming. Remove any solids by using a strainer.
4. Pour the mixture on top of the caramel on the aluminum molds. Fill the molds to about 1 to 1 1/4 inch thick.
5. Cover molds with an aluminum foil, so that the moisture from the steam won’t come in the molds as it will become watery.
6. Steam for about 40-45 minutes.
7. Remove the molds and let it cool at room temperature then refrigerate for several hours before serving.

1. To remove the leche flan from mold: run a thin knife around the edges of the mold to loosen the leche Flan. Place a platter on top of the mold and quickly turn upside down to position the golden brown caramel on top.
2. Leche plan is cooked by inserting a knife in the center comes out clean.



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