Crispy Pork Sinigang

Filipino Style Recipe: Crispy Pork Sinigang is another variety of Filipino tamarind soup. This dish has a sour taste best to serve during rainy and cold season.

3/4 kilo pork belly
1 cup flour
1 cup breadcrumbs
2 eggs, beaten
8 pieces tamarind(sampalok) or 1 pack sampaloc mix
1 big-sized onion, chopped
3 medium-sized tomatoes, quartered
2 medium-sized taro(gabi), peeled and cut into cubes
1/2 bundle of string beans(sitaw), cut into 2 inches long
1 bundle of river spinach(kangkong leaves)
3 pieces green pepper(siling haba)
salt and fish Sauce(patis)
1/2 teaspoon ground pepper
1 liters water
oil for frying
3 pieces okra, trimmed(optional)
1 radish, sliced(optional)

Part 1
1. In a pot, boil pork belly with salt for 15 minutes or until tender. Drain and reserved the broth.

Part 2
1. In a bowl, combine flour, salt and pepper then mix well. Set aside.
2. Prepare beaten eggs and breadcrumbs into a separate bowls. Set aside.
3. Dredge the meat into flour mixture then shake off to remove excess flour.
4. Dip in beaten eggs and press into bread crumbs to coat all sides.

Part 3
1. In a pan, heat oil then deep fry coated meat until light brown.
2. Drain on paper towel then cut into serving pieces. Set aside.

Part 4
1. In a pot, boil tamarind in 1.5 cups water, pound and strain the juice. Set aside.

Part 5
1. In a large casserole, pour pork broth, onion, tomatoes then bring to boil.
2. Add tamarind juice then bring to boil. Add gabi then simmer until tender.
3. Add radish, okra, green pepper, and string beans then simmer for another 5 minutes.
4. Adjust seasoning with fish sauce then add crispy pork and kangkong.
5. Turn off the heat then let it sit for 1-2 minutes or until kangkong is cooked.
6. Transfer to serving bowl then serve hot with steamed rice.